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Warning [2] mysqli_query() expects parameter 1 to be mysqli, null given - Line: 705 - File: C:\sites\createmybb3\smfmysql.php PHP 7.3.20 (WINNT)
File Line Function
[PHP]   errorHandler->error
C:\sites\createmybb3\smfmysql.php 705 mysqli_query
C:\sites\createmybb3\smfmysql.php 251 mysql2i::mysql_query
C:\sites\createmybb3\inc\db_mysqli.php 673 mysql_query
C:\sites\createmybb3\inc\eztrader.lib.php 8 DB_MySQLi->table_exists
C:\sites\createmybb3\inc\plugins\eztrader.php 622 LoadTraderSettings
C:\sites\createmybb3\inc\class_plugins.php 101 eztrader_loadmainlanguage
C:\sites\createmybb3\global.php 159 pluginSystem->run_hooks
C:\sites\createmybb3\member.php 20 require_once

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